Original Oil painting 45cm x 60cm. Australian Landscape. Highfields. Queensland.
Available Margaret Street Gallery Toowoomba. Enquiries please contact the Artist.
Highfields Gum
A view from Aarons Pass over to the Capertee Valley New South Wales Australia. Available Margaret Street Gallery Toowoomba Qld. Enquiries contact Artist.
Aarons Pass
Original Oil painting of Capertee Valley NSW Australia. Available Margaret Street Gallery Toowoomba Qld. Contact Artist to enquire.
Tiers of Capertee
Oil painting. Fine art prints available on my Fine Art America Website - https://4-alison-murphy.pixels.com/featured/light-in-the-valley-oil-painting-alison-a-murphy.html?product=framed-print. Original SOLD
Light in the Valley - SOLD
An original Australian landscape painted in oils.
This ancient gum tree stands on the banks of the Castlereagh River in New South Wales Australia. 
Unframed size 45x60cm (18"x24") SOLD
Old Mernda Gum - oil painting
Original Oil painting of Summer at Capertee Valley New South Wales Australia. SOLD
Capertee Summer
This painting was inspired by the Australian landscape and its ability to regenerate. I feel that this is also reflected in the Australian people. We have a country that can be harsh, and nature can be brutal. 
But people band together and support each other and keep faith that better times are ahead. And sure enough, the cycle of natural beauty, destruction (whether by bushfire, flood or some other natural disaster) regenerates, leaving beautiful fresh new growth, flowers and saplings among the charred remnants of fire. Finalist Lethbridge Landscape Prize 2021. SOLD
Ashes, Regeneration, hope
An original oil painting of the hills near Mount Victoria New South Wales Australia. Finalist Lethbridge Landscape Prize 2022.
Spring Colour
Australian Landscape. Original Oil painting. Unframed size 45cm x 60cm. Exhibiting Finalist Lethbridge Landscape Prize Brisbane 2021. SOLD.
Sentinel Regeneration - SOLD
Australian Landscape. Original hand painted artwork. Oil on board. 45x60cm unframed size. To Purchase contact Wide Bay Gallery Queensland Australia. 0741221858.
Gums by the Waterhole - Oil Painting
Pastel painting.
Pastel painting, Beach scene.
Summer Holiday - Pastel Painting
Oil painting. (SOLD)
A fisherman enjoying the quiet of the Australian bush.
Solitude - oil painting. SOLD
Pastel Painting - on Ampersand Pastelbord. 16 x 20 inches.
Fragile Floral
Oil painting, Australian Landscape.
Blue Mountains Grand Vista
Oil painting, Australian Landscape. (SOLD)
Warrigal after Spring Rain
Pastel painting, Beach scene. (SOLD)
The Red Spade
Pastel painting, Australian Wildlife. (Koala)
Pastel painting, Beach scene. Available for sale. Please contact the artist.
Sunshine and Sandcastles
Oil painting.
Goulburn Morning
Pastel painting, Beach scene.
A Day at the Beach
Oil painting. Original Sold. Fine Art prints are available on my Fine Art America Website here - https://4-alison-murphy.pixels.com/featured/window-to-capertee-alison-a-murphy.html
Window to Capertree
Pastel painting, Beach scene. (SOLD)
Making puddles
Pastel painting, Beach scene. (SOLD)
My Girls
Oil painting, Australian Landscape.
Hilda's View
Oil painting, Australian Landscape.
Megalong Morning